Bit size for Glen-L Bronze Screws?

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Bit size for Glen-L Bronze Screws?

Post by garrys »

I'm beginning to assemble the frames for my Monaco and find that the bronze screws supplied in the Glen-L fastner kit, are an unusual size. A #2 driver bit is too large for the phillips head slots, and a #1 bit is too small......slips out and buggers the head. Has anyone found a driver bit that works properly with these screws?

Garry Stout
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Post by tomh »

Hi Garry ...
Ran into that problem also...

Order the appropriate Driver bits from Glen-L Part Number 11-003
"Freason Drive bits"

A word a caution, Silicon Bronze screw heads strip out easily, even with
the correct drive bit... be sure to apply lots of pressure when driving them
and use the slowest speed you drill will allow. I still manage to strip out
my share of them...

Good luck

Regards Tom
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Post by Bill Edmundson »

A little bar soap on the threads will help a lot.

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Post by Jones »

Adding to the already good advice you've received, countersink tools that use a tapered drill are expensive but worth it. DeWalt happens to be the brand I use, and the countersink can be sharpened several times if you're careful. At the first sign of a spin, get out a sharp awl and remove the galled bronze from the bit's path... besides their softness, that's why SB screws strip so badly, the material fills the bit gaps and rapidly spins out. If the situation is pretty bad, you can clean out the gaps and (gingerly) use an impact screwdriver to reverse the screw.

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Post by basilkies »

One more tip: get a tap for taking out screws that strip. Get the kind that goes into an 1/8 inch drilled hole and screws in reverse. This way you just twist it in and the screw comes out as you do it. Very quick and painless to use. You will strip screws!

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