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I appreciate all the responses but the engine selection is a done deal...its gonna be a 454 cause it sitting in my shop with a 1:1 velvet drive. I am at a stage where i need to plan for the actual installation and am looking for any info as to the shallowest shaft angle that will work before buying the shaft strut or butchering my keel. The plans are a bit ambiguous. Can anybody offer some insight?

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I went with a 14 degree shaft angle after reviewing the plans and instructions. As I recall in one place it calls for 14 and in another it lists 16. I cannot recall exactly why I chose 14 other than i was unsure whether i would be able to get the motor to fit if it was at 16 degrees. I am using a 6.0 litre PCM motor with the trans having a 9 degree down angle. That left me with 5 degrees on the motor which fits perfectly in the space provided. Hope that helps.
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