The Princess Project

Designs for inboard or outboard power

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Re: The Princess Project

Post by DaveLott »

Bill - Love seeing the photo with your grandson and that the little wedge worked so well for you. It is amazing that something so simple and small can cause such a performance difference.

My wife and I have been advised that we will finally be grandparents this December, Lord willing. We are looking forward to the blessing of having a grandchild around.

Enjoy your summer.


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Re: The Princess Project

Post by Psuedomonas »

Bill- Just had the chance to read through your Princess build. What a beautiful job!! You can be vary proud of yourself- I can see the fine workmanship- and appreciate it all the better because I'm doing it now.

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Re: The Princess Project

Post by wbbaer »

Thanks, guys. Dave, I hope your kids are nearby so you can do some spoiling. We told our kids that we believe in the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have done to you--back! We plan that our grandchildren will be indulged in those things about which their parents were cranky: bedtimes, foods, etc. What goes around comes around. Latest flash: Allison and Nick adopted a dog. Lola is a 60 lb. mixed breed "rescue dog" who is very sweet. We hope that she is a "practice child".

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