Gentry photos

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Gentry photos

Post by slug »

And a couple of photos.
Boat 3.jpg
Boat 1.jpg

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Re: Gentry photos

Post by Zapped »

Very nice!
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Re: Gentry photos

Post by JimmY »

Nothing says poor craftsmanship like wrinkles in your duct tape!

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Re: Gentry photos

Post by Brad Tucker »

Looking great!

Nova SS
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Re: Gentry photos

Post by Nova SS »

Gorgeous :D

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Re: Gentry photos

Post by Roberta »

Loving it

Roberta :D
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Re: Gentry photos

Post by PeterG »

Very sharp! Looks great!
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Re: Gentry photos

Post by Hercdrvr »

Sweet ride you've got there.
Matt B

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Re: Gentry photos

Post by DrBryanJ »

Boat looks really nice!

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