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Mark F.
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Post by Mark F. » Thu Jun 19, 2008 8:55 pm

- Bullet extended to 12' 1" per plan option
- New Yamaha 25 hp, long-shaft, 2-stroke, electric, with remote motor
- WOT Range = 5,000 to 6,000 rpm
- Cavitation plate currently sits a little low at 1" below keel line with motor resting on top of transom
- Interlux Micron Extra bottom paint
- Nauticus Smart Tabs (set at 20 degrees with minimum pressure)
- Two people in the boat (270 pounds total)
- One person in boat for slalom results
- 6 gallons of gas

Results with Various Props:

- Yamaha aluminum 3-blade prop, 9 7/8" by 9" pitch
-- 22 mph (measured by GPS) at 6,000 rpm (1/4 throttle remaining)
-- Good hole shot (pulls up wakeboarder or combo skier)
-- Must watch tach closely for overspeeds

- Turbo Hot Shot stainless 3-blade prop, 10 1/8" by 15" pitch
-- 29 mph (measured by GPS) at 5,000 rpm
-- Very slow acceleration and no ability to tow anybody
-- Swapped for 11" pitch below

- Turbo Hot Shot stainless 3-blade prop, 10 1/8" by 11" pitch
-- 28 mph (measured by GPS) at 6,000 rpm (some throttle remaining)
-- Great acceleration when not towing
-- Decent hole shot (pulls up experienced wakeboarder or skier)
-- Able to deep-water start on hybrid slalom ski with slalom training rope
-- Holds enough top speed (24 mph) to slalom ski
-- Smart Tabs hold stern pretty steady even when slalom skier pulls hard
-- Overspeeds not much of a concern with normal use
-- This is the prop we will continue to use with our emphasis on towing
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Post by Scott » Fri Jun 20, 2008 11:16 pm

Smart Tabs are stupid, I modified mine.

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skiing bullet

Post by lucky » Wed Jul 23, 2008 8:22 pm

Well done on the specs!
I currently have the bullet plans and am beginning to obtain supplies for building. However, I, along with you am interested in skiing and wakeboarding behind this boat. Is there a way to legally do this? Its my understanding that the boat would need to be rated to hold 3 people for this to work.

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Mark F.
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All You Need is a Mirror

Post by Mark F. » Thu Jul 24, 2008 2:36 pm

In MN all you need is the driver and a mirror to tow a skier. I was just up there earlier this month visiting family and using the Bullet! I even ran it on Lake Minnetonka on a windy and wake-filled day pulling nieces and nephews tubing and kneeboarding. It's amazing the chop it can handle.

We also operated the Bullet for kneeboarding in WI. They require a driver and a spotter to tow a skier. We squeezed three in until we got clear of the boat launch. As a homebuilt boat, we don't have a display of capacity plate, so if the boat seems stable...use good sense. I've got a lightweight 25 hp motor and the boat did fine with 470 pounds of us for a few hundered yards. (It even got on plane thanks to the Smart Tabs.) WI also prohibits people from sitting on the deck while the boat is in motion unless you have some kind of handholds etc. Bottom line = WI is not a good place to use the Bullet as a tow platform.

Speaking of mirrors. That gets tricky since there is no windshield. I mounted one on the front deck, but the motor restricted a lot of the visibility. It was "legal", but not functional. I recently purchased two PWC mirrors from Overtons and mounted them port and starboard on a small piece of plywood that I attached to the inside of the coaming up against the junction of the dashboard. I mounted them as low as possible. This was a perfect position for my seat layout. It is very similar to mirrors in a car. I now maintain constant visibility of the person I'm towing with side mount mirrors.

For towing a slalom skier, I'd recommend a 35-40 hp two-stroke motor if you haven't purchased one yet.

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Post by lucky » Fri Jul 25, 2008 10:16 pm

Thanks a ton! I probably could have found this information out myself, but it was great to hear it from someone who has actually used the bullet for skiing and wakeboarding in MN and WI. As of right now I'm looking to purchase a 40HP and am hoping that will tow well. Also great to hear that the boat handles choppy water well as it will be used regularly on the Mississippi. It seems like you would highly reccommend using smart tabs? Thanks for the great info.

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Mark F.
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Smart Tabs Increased Performance on My Bullet

Post by Mark F. » Mon Jul 28, 2008 1:04 pm

Yes, the Smart Tabs definitely increased the performance on my Bullet. I was careful in levelling the aft portion of the hull during construction, but I still ended up with a porposing issue. Once I got the Smart Tabs dialed in, the porposing problem was totally eliminated and the boat planed out quicker and at much lower speeds. For less than $100 and a very simple installation, there really is no downside to them.

robert hopkins
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Post by robert hopkins » Wed Feb 18, 2009 6:45 pm

Ok, here are similar results:

-my son built the 11' Bullet
-25 hp Yamaha
-9 7/8 x 9 OEM aluminum prop, three blade
-one 180 lb. person
-6 gal. gas
-full sized battery

Porpoised badly. Added Nauticus Smart Tabs with much improvement, elevated motor 1.25" to establish cavitation plate even with bottom, still porpoised.

Found bottom was a "rocker" and up to 1/4" out of flat approximately 6" back from transom. Added West System filler and flattened bottom with sharp edge at intersection between bottom and transom (previously was rounded with a large radius). Results were impressive, trimmed out motor to pen hole #3 (hole #1 at transom). Max speed: 25 mph.

After much research, found the tachometer was set to 12 P for 12 pole alternator. This motor I later found was a 6 pole (6 P). After correcting the tachometer, I installed an OEM aluminum three blade prop, 9 7/8 x 13 with the WOT tachometer reading 5800 rpm and 32 mph on pitot tube speedometer.

The boat is slow on takeoff, 23 seconds to max speed, but runs well and is steady, handles well, and has an amazing ability to cut through waves. I appreciate your comments concerning the props. They were very helpful. I love this boat. Thanks.

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