Squirt with Vintage 15hp Johnson

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Squirt with Vintage 15hp Johnson

Post by BayouBengal »

I built my extended length 11 foot Squirt for appearance with little regard to weight, and my Squirt is probably heavier than most. While a lighter Squirt may perform okay with this engine, my boat was underpowered with it. The boat wiould not plane with two adults, and only acheived 20 mph with one adult.


Re: Squirt with Vintage 15hp Johnson

Post by upspirate »

Once you get the coil/engine problem figured out,the 15 may be enough....get it running right,and then check the rpm's.

You may need to play with a different pitch prop to get things optimal.

Also,how far below the bottom is the cavitation plate on the engine?

I don't like the height of my transom,so I'm going to raise it about an inch when I build my Squirt.

Same with the TNT when I get to it...I had to raise the motors up on my last TNT's

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