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Renegade Redesign

Post by Stahl »

I was planning on ordering the renegade designs and to start building it soon. The original renegade has the closed deck by the bow. But I have seen a version built by James Nikolai in Canada with seating in front of the cockpit instead of it being closed off. See pictures

Original Design ... ducts/353/

Redesign ... es-nikolai

Well my question is will this decrease the structural integrity of the boat? Or if anyone knows of plans similar to what I'm looking for please let me know! I am planning on doing the outboard build instead of the inboard.


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Re: Renegade Redesign

Post by NAMEngJS »

While the deck will help slightly with the structural integrity, I don't see any issue with it. In a Longitudinal bending sense the large aft cockpit there is not any continuous structure for a large portion of the vessel so almost all the bending is supported by the bottom and side structure.

Depending on how you build the vessel at the sheer strake you could build up the area with added laminations to add extra material to the area that would see the higher stresses kind of like a torsion box in a VLCC. (article about them in the link below. ... -on-ships/
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