Rumble seat in barrelback

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Rumble seat in barrelback

Post by Reynolty »

Starting to look at my second build after the 1000 cc jet squirt that I still adore. I love the Barrelback 19 lines but am worried about passenger space. I keep staring at the other options (riviera, Tahoe, Biscayne) that have the third row capability but I don’t like losing that 1940 “racer” look of the Barrelback. I am not a purist and planned on making the front row seating of the boat with two swivel seats instead of a bench. That will let the driver (me) turn sideways and the captain (wife) turn all the way around for better conversation with the passengers in the second row. I am looking for the smallest boat possible but also the ability to seat 7-8 people. (skiers and kids get the very back)! The riviera is a great size, but misses my mark on aesthetics.

My question for the experienced and smart ones out there- is the Barrelback large enough in the tail to fit a 2 person rumble seat? I would think the bottom cushion would sit right on top of the fuel tank, the back cushion would rotate up, giving 2 additional seats. Ideally you could close it and have a uniform hatch much like the engine hatch, clean wood running all the way to the transom and then open it up as needed. I haven’t seen anything like this and that worries me.

Thoughts? Is this crazy?

I would have the amazing lines of the Barrelback 19 or 20, the seats for 4 adults and 3 kids, as well as the ability to cruise in style when it is just the family.

Please tell me your thoughts, by the way, v8 is a must!

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Re: Rumble seat in barrelback

Post by billy c »

That would be too much weight in the barrel section. How about the Belle Isle and do your forward cockpits the way you describe.
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Re: Rumble seat in barrelback

Post by Hercdrvr »

I’m building the Barrel Back and have had the same idea of a third row of seating aft. As the hull took shape I soon realized there isn’t much space back there, the beam gets narrow as it all comes together to form the barrel shape. The beam at the transom isn’t much wider than a Squirt.
The plans instruct to mount the engine as far forward as possible, there just isn’t must buoyancy back there, but it sure looks nice.
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Re: Rumble seat in barrelback

Post by Jimbob »

Not much room back there. Lots of stuff back there where the hull tapers down, and is closer to the waterline than up front. The fuel tank takes up lots of space. Exhaust hoses on the sides, filler hose, vent hose, tiller arm. Perhaps the fuel tank could be re-positioned. I would still consider the weight you would be adding back there. You might not be able to get the boat up on a plane, and water could come in over the transom if you slow the boat down too fast.
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Re: Rumble seat in barrelback

Post by PeterG »

Yup, not enough room in the back of the barrelback, the space is taken by fuel tank in front of the tramsom and the engine systems are in there too. Take a look at the Key Largo, it's a barrelback form, it's the same hull as the barrelback but it's an open utility style boat with front and rear bench seats. The engine is located one frame forward of the barrelback's engine, gives room for the rear bench seat.
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Re: Rumble seat in barrelback

Post by Reynolty »

Thanks for all the replies! Sounds like the belle isle will be my best bet. All that is left to do now is to convince the wife, buy the plans, find wood, epoxy, hardware, engine, transmission and windshield, get a bigger garage, assemble it, sand it, finish it and lastly throw together a quick launch party.

Let the adventure begin!

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