Fuel tanks for V-dory

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Re: Fuel tanks for V-dory

Post by Bill Edmundson » Sun Aug 16, 2009 7:52 am


Be sure and ptu in a bilge blower anyway. It's cheap insurance!

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Re: Fuel tanks for V-dory

Post by StefanK » Thu Jul 22, 2010 1:24 pm

I went with a custom welded frame that occupies the frames just
forward of my dashboard bulkhead in the cuddy cabin. Capacity is 44 gallons and I was able to put a deck fill in as well. I've since
had to reevaluate my load balance and made some structural changes to the cockpit and helm floor. I built battery boxes on the transom and slam hatches above them, thereby moving the 120 pounds of AGM batteries to the stern as well as my down rigger weights. I shaved 600 pounds off the boat by installing two 1x doug fir battens similar to the bottom battens. Installed 12 mm Okoume plywood, replacing the 3/4" ply. Sealed all seams with 4 layers of fiberglass and the floor with two layers of 6 ounce bidirectional cloth. The new lay out is user friendly and very dry. The completed boat with 6' hard top, 6' cabin top, laminated 6mm glass windshield, 90 hp 4 stroke and full fuel weighed in at just under 3000 pounds. She ran 28 knots wide open last week, then realized my motor was too high and set the motor to the top holes. Cavitation plate is 1/2" below bottom, it was an 1" high, which resulted in rpm surging. Fishing this weekend.

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Re: Fuel tanks for V-dory

Post by Trowlson » Sun Jan 10, 2016 4:40 pm

Hi Stephen,

Sorry this isn't about the fuel tank. I'm new and can't PM yet. :-)

I'm trying to decide on the correct hull for my next build (a 21' with a cabin). I built a 14' flat bottom Spira international boat last year and am now looking at the 23' v-dory as it's really close to what I'm looking for. Your boat looks great!

I'm wondering:
What is your experience in chop? how severe? how's the ride?
What speed can you cruise at?
And what kind of gas mileage are you getting with your setup?

I run a 20hp outboard and can cruise at 20 knots even with some chop. Too much chop and I pound really hard. I'm trying to soften some of that without going all the way to a v-bottom.


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