Squirt with a SeaDoo jet - pics

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Squirt with a SeaDoo jet - pics

Postby BulldogBoater » Thu Oct 30, 2008 8:00 pm

I have made some progress on the Squirt build and decided to post some pics.

Lengthened to 11'6" with a 1993 SeaDoo SP 580cc motor. Progress is slow as I travel with my "real job". I began in April of 2008 and this is where I stand as of October 2008 after returning from the Gathering at Lake Guntersville.




I boogered up the transition joint because I did not read the plans completely and had to do a bit of fairing before fiberglassing.

It is a bit nerve racking cutting a hole in your freshly completed hull!

I begin fairing the hull this weekend. Thanks to everyone at The Gathering 2008 for your advice and encouragement.

"I'm not trying to get it perfect. I'm trying to get it finished!"
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Re: Squirt with a SeaDoo jet - pics

Postby Waternut » Mon Jul 15, 2013 3:44 pm

Great job... the pics are real clear... I am building the same boat... Just recieved my plans in the mail.... I am using a 800 cc motor and want to stretch the boat aswell... I am a first time builder,, how do you stretch the boat?

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