Squirt with REVERSE progress

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Re: Squirt with REVERSE progress

Post by terrymc » Sun Jul 26, 2009 8:19 am


I hadn't seen pictures of your boat before - looks really nice! I had thought about doing the "swim platform" thing on my jet squirt and passed because I wasn't sure it wouldn't "overwhelm" the transom area (and maybe look to "modern" on my "planked" hull). Maybe I made a mistake!

Caber and I have a few very different opinions on things (see the "502 thread under power), but he does know what he is talking about on the thrust situation. Good explaination.

Just FYI, my boat has a "homemade" tunnel that copied, as well as I could, the Kawasaki 550 that I used as a donor ski. I was more than a little worried about lateral stability (i.e. the ability to run a a staright line), and a added two 4-ft long 1x2 skegs to the bottom of the boat, screwed into the outboard battens. I'm really happy with my handling - she runs straight, and truns very nicely with minimum skidding.

I've been looking for a Sea Do reverse bucket to add to my boat as well - reverse is a reallly nice thing to have - it drives me nuts to have to row the boat away from the dock to turn it bow-out after launching it!



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