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Re: Feed Back 2010

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jamundsen wrote:Perhaps we should make our concerns known to the folks at Hales Bar.
Haha, I was composing an email to Hale's Bar even as I read your post.

Great minds think alike.

Because I am a resident of Tennessee, who knows, maybe I'll have a little weight with these folks. I remember about 3 years ago, I was involved in a business deal with my landscape biz that needed some serious attention and I emailed Governor McWherter. By golly, I got a reply and a phone call from the man himself. Some folks are interested in votes and I may be able to do something there. It's worth a try.

But seriously, I really really want to go back one more year at least. And that's because we need to settle into one place that will always be the home of the Gathering. I have an excellent idea of the things we need for our Gathering, I have good communication skills and I'm a very good, patient spokesperson. I can work with those people without pissing them off and I know I can get a LOT done that will favor our group and be beneficial for them as well. It will be a win-win ...... for everyone including the ladies and their bathroom needs. :?
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Re: Feed Back 2010

Post by Oyster »

Whatever Dave, feel free to take the lead. My only interest in posting the other link was that from the website simular provisions and several areas appeared to be improved such as the pavillion and moderinized cabins with a lodge to boot, keeping in mind that the group appears to be growing. So there are reasons for sure that we must continue to look around. The location is surely within the general area that met the needs of the majority.
But please read what I actually wrote, a simple inquiry.
By some chance has anyone experienced Euchee Marina resort and campground???
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Re: Feed Back 2010

Post by tsmitherman »

With all the positives of Hales Bar Marina, I say we settle this issue and go back there next year, telling the management what we want and expect as far as improvements.

As for my experience, I took my own soap, toilet paper and paper towels. My only real complaint was the leaking toilet seal.
The smell wasn't quite so bad after they pumped it out and added a little deodorant.
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Re: Feed Back 2010

Post by Bob Maskel »

kens wrote:Euchee.
That's where I spent Monday night pre-G4 on my way up to Knoxville. When I got there about 7 PM there was no one around and everything was closed up. I tucked myself into a covered slip for the night. In the morning there were showers available for $5 in a decent bathhouse. The dock around the marina outdoor bar had collapsed and was marked off with yellow tape, unknown how long it was like that. On top of the hill is a restaurant (not open when I was there) and a large campground. Not sure how many rooms they have but it looked more motel-like than cabin-like, and didn't look like a ton of rooms but I might have missed some. There were a few floating cabins--identical to the ones at Hales Bar--by the campground on the other side of the place from the marina. They have a gas dock. There is a long dock that we could maybe use like we did at Hales Bar but I didn't pay that much attention. The marina is about 3/4 mile or more off the main channel, so to use the boats one has to go out almost out of visual range unless you want to take a chance in the backwater (not me!). It looks like it might work...maybe worth checking out. Too bad I didn't stop on my way back...I could have looked at it in context after seeing Hales Bar. Don't know how it is to drive to, but the girl at the desk did comment she wished they "weren't so far out of the way" when I told her I liked the place. I don't recall seeing any weeds though.

Otherwise, I liked Hales Bar as (like others mentioned) it was right off the Interstate and we had food, lodging, boats, social area/time all close. However, staying on my boat I didn't have to deal with the other issues. One other thing about the Hales Bar floating cabins, the girl there said they are investor-owned...wonder how willing the actual owners will be in improvements.

That said, I'd be good giving Hales Bar another shot.
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Re: Feed Back 2010

Post by upspirate »

I feel that Hales bar had some issues ....that is what this topic is for.

We have named some things that ARE a problem, and they are not unreasonable requests to have remedied.

Holding tanks need to be pumped daily,cabins need to be clean,soap, toilet paper etc.

These issues are not unreasonable,and if they will address them,the place is good (with maybe the problem of rain....I've had EZ-UP collapse a month ago from the rain,and they don't hold up to wind well).

I say if they fix it,we go back,if not we go elsewhere.

They have a year to work on sewer/holding tank problems,if they need to hire more cleaning people for that w/e,so be it.

The purpose of this topic is to give whomever is going to talk to Hales Bar for next year a list for them to fix, as they were willing to work with us for next year from what I've been told.

Oyster is right about what goes in to a tank vs unlimited supply....we all know this now,and need to use water sparingly at any floating cabins unless they have a permanent system.

I personally give thanks to those that scouted out locations.It's a thankless job to find a place with all we need that won't please everyone anyway....if we had the time,we'd look,but we don't.

Lets just try to list cons so that a single person can talk to Hales Bar,and see what they do about then for next year.In the mean time,we can check out other places like Oyster suggested for the year after if H/B doesn't follow through.

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Re: Feed Back 2010

Post by thudpucker »

For a gathering like ours, Hales Bar was OK. G'vlle was OK. Just OK.
Events and happenings were spread out too much. Lets keep that in mind as we shop for the next place.

We did a survey last year to see where everybody lived (hailed from). Lets try to move a little closer to the center of populace.
For those reasons I think we should continue shopping till we find the place we can have the Cabins, the Boats, and the Pavilion with amenities all in one place.

Think of the older folks. At Hales Bar, If I had to waddle up the berm and down the berm to the Bathroom and back each time from that Pavilion I might have a heart attack.

I thought the Cabins were OK. The only thing I didn't like was the big Potty Barge hose in the way as we tripped and slipped on it.
I think in Cabin 15 the shower curtain was too short and let water get all over the floor.
I liked that cabin and I'd go back willingly.

They need a SIGN up that we can read from a distance. :roll:

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Pirate's Wench
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Re: Feed Back 2010

Post by Pirate's Wench »

As soon as Gail told me the management was willing to address whatever issues we have in order to get us to come back next year, I was relieved and willing to give them another chance. I know a great deal of time and effort was spent scouting a location and I do appreciate it.

To those who took their own toilet paper, I did hear someone say that they use a special biodegradable stuff. Regular stuff cloggs things up.
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Dave Grason
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Re: Feed Back 2010

Post by Dave Grason »

I just sent an email to Hale's Bar telling them about the hoses that everyone tripped on. I told them about Dave Lott dropping his leg down between the cabin and the dock. I'd be willing to be that the thought of a lawsuit will get upper managment solving that problem REAL FAST!
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Grand Chillin
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Re: Feed Back 2010

Post by Grand Chillin »

I haven't attended any of the Gatherings, but I feel like I have been there thanks to all the pictures, videos and comments. :D It sounds like Hale's Bar has some issues that need to be addressed not only for future Gatherings, but for the future of their business itself. Now for the hard point. These Gatherings are growing. I don't have the numbers. If somebody does I would look at the increases in attendance each year. Can Hale's Bar handle next year's increase? I know of 4 or more from here if the creek doesn't rise. :D
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Re: Feed Back 2010

Post by Jimmy70 »

One gripe I had right off was NOT ENOUGH TRASH CANS on the dock.

Oyster is right about the potty issues and water. It is almost on the verge of being a nasty bunch of cabins and could even be some health issues from that.

I also had a feeling right off from the start of the renting of the cabin that their was no maintance people at all to tend to things. What could be a good summer job for a couple of young bucks to keep things cleaned up and be of assistance to older folks packing in their belongings. I am sure if there were at least two to help in packing the stuff from the cars and trucks they could be well tipped for their services. Also to pack away the garbage collected and not us doing all of the work.

I think by the time we come around for the next meeting there the weed problem will be expanded worse than ever and clogging up boat engines with the crap.

My vote goes to find another spot. Gotta be something better and with a pavillion to enjoy and have our meeting.
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Re: Feed Back 2010

Post by Roberta »

I'm with Jimmy on this one. I was not aware of all the other issues people had until they were expressed on this forum. Now I really have reservations about going back there (HB). I doubt that HB has the resources to adequately address the issues for a group that only spends three or four days there. And the group is growing, so we need to look for a place that will accommodate us. The services and ammenities offered were far short of the prices charged. And I think it only fair to consider a centrally located spot or to move it around (gathering) to allow members the luxury of having it near them once in a while. Part of the fun, for me anyway, is traveling to new vacation spots. Going to one spot can get very old in a hurry, especially if there is no chance it will ever be near your hometown.

Yes, it is a lot of work to organize a gathering, but it does not have to be stuck on one person. Planning can be done several years in advance by individuals willing to do it in their locale or even other locations. I would be happy to scout Wisconsin or other states I'm familiar with for a suitable site. There are many beautiful places in the USA for a gathering of our boats. Why limit us to one spot?

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Re: Feed Back 2010

Post by Oyster »

Roberta, last time around over a month was spent, probably a half dozen people and miles of driving by some to come up with Hales Bar. Its not as easy as it sounds for a detached group of volunteers doing these types of projects for sure. All it takes though is one single item to reverse what is supposed to be a fun weekend. The issue of the water alone highlights yet another cornerstone of this get together. There is tens of thousands of hours not withstanding money that goes into a collective group of boats.

The issues of the unfinished boats and the location in close proximity to the groups has also been another issue that's left a bad taste in people's mouths too. If I plan on spending 100 bucks a night in a rented bed, you betchu as a senior citizen I want a running toliet and I want one that does not backwash without warning too. :wink:

Heck the one on my boat does a better job and does not leak at all unlike what it sounds like the ones did in the cabins. And I am probably the most simple guy on here thats happy with house paint boats and glue spotted jeans for church. :wink: My singing also reflects probably the same, something that most folks would never ever be content with either. :lol:

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Re: Feed Back 2010

Post by poggieg1 »

For first time attendees we didn't have any problems with HB - only truck problems but we had a great mechanic (thanks to Colin)!! We would return to HB if that is the choice of the committee. We think it would be very, very hard to find a venue that would have lodging, docking, parking, pavilion etc all conveniently located to each other. It was for only three days and it was more of a camping experience than a five star vacation and we can handle that. Having the boats right at our door step was really nice and convenient for everyone viewing the boats or taking rides.

Our hats off to those who organize the G4 and those previous "Gatherings". It is a thankless job but we appreciate everything that was done. We would like to thank everyone who provided food - it was more than we expected and so very, very good. Will come better prepaired next year.

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Re: Feed Back 2010

Post by DaveLott »

Dave Grason wrote:I just sent an email to Hale's Bar telling them about the hoses that everyone tripped on. I told them about Dave Lott dropping his leg down between the cabin and the dock. I'd be willing to be that the thought of a lawsuit will get upper managment solving that problem REAL FAST!

Heck Dave, I call that not being able to see my feet with these stupid reading glasses. I was the dumb rump for that fall but it could have been real bad if not for that large bumper that caught me going down.


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Re: Feed Back 2010

Post by gaffrig24 »

I know there were some problems with a few things but I think they can be worked out. The millfoil was a big problem that should be addressed. The thing that was great was having the boats all together and a central location for activities. We're here to enjoy the boats on the water not parked on trailers beside a cabin. A lot of work went into finding a location and I think even though there were a few bumps things were pretty good. Tell the management our concerns and see if they are willing to make changes for improvements. If so I hope to see you at Nickajack next year.
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