16ft cabin skiff....s&g tabloid cruiser

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Paul D
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Location: New Zealand..south island

16ft cabin skiff....s&g tabloid cruiser

Post by Paul D » Mon Jul 02, 2018 6:54 pm

Hello people ...
Im new to this forum im from new zealand at the bottom of the south island...i havent brought plans yet but i have a question about the 16ft cabin cruiser in that how would it perform sea fishing couple kms offshore with stability etc.would it be a safe enough design?..i need to launch it off the beach could it handle punching through small waves?....could it be modified to an open boat with a centre walk around small pilot house....with self draining deck?... (thats not a biggy though i could live with the cabin)...
I thought about the little hunk dory but would prefer a v bottom boat would be softer ride...
Anyway i would appreciate any advice that you guys have thanks Paul D

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Re: 16ft cabin skiff....s&g tabloid cruiser

Post by watkibe » Wed Jul 11, 2018 8:15 pm

Paul -
No one has answered in a week...how do you answer a question like this ?
Anyway, I am building this boat. I plan to take it in the saltwater surrounding our island; but, we are in the Puget sound of Washington state, US, a protected body of water. The entrance to the open ocean is maybe 30 miles away. We are at about 49 degrees north. I don't know how far south you are, but off the coast of the NZ South Island looks to me like it is approaching the Southern Ocean. I would not take my boat there.
Flat bottom boats do launch and land a lot better on and off the beach.
Most designs here can be modified somewhat as far as the cabin/deck layout. Two options are shown in the plans, closed or open cabin. You could probably build it with just a console. I would consult with Gayle or someone at the office specifically about what you intend to change.
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Re: 16ft cabin skiff....s&g tabloid cruiser

Post by mrintense » Thu Jul 12, 2018 6:34 am

Also keep in mind that most of us here are not professional boat builders or designers so some questions may not get answered because no one knows for sure. I agree that technical questions of this sort should be asked at Glen L.
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