New and about to go all in...

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New and about to go all in...

Postby Daniel79 » Sun Sep 21, 2014 2:33 pm

Hi everyone,

I'm going to build me a boat!!! I'm form the Netherlands so excuse my poor English please. :wink:

A few years ago My father in law gave me a boat for my birthday. It needed a bit of TLC but that would not be a problem. After a few days my father in law cut the boat in half with a chainsaw !!! He said I was better of because the boat was too far gone. Well he owes me a boat now don't you think?
We decided to build a boat together so here I am anouncing tot the world I'm embarking on this adventure.

It's going to be a mahogany boat. Maybe a runabaout but altered. Because just about every runabout I see has the cockpit so far to the front of the boat that it just hasn't got that racing feeling. In the atachment I have put a jpeg of a runabaout and my quick vision of how it should be altered. And an example of a boat I think comes close to what I would like to build. Ideas, suggestions and warnings of all you experienced builders are greatly appreciated!

When the build commences I am planning on making a video documentary (I own a small production company) so everyone can follow the build and all of our mistakes and triumphs closely.

Hope to hear from all of you soon!

With kind regards,



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