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New Member from Goulais River, Ontario

Postby kermit » Thu Oct 02, 2014 12:23 pm

Greetings from Goulais River Ontario, if you are from Goulais River then you are a Gouligan!

I have a 20 year old Stiletto that was well built however it was not stored that well. It had a dock accident on the top sides at the corners. The transom needs a minor repair and the well is shot. The bilge area needs a good cleaning and inspection for rot. Most interesting was a triangle shaped, two inch thick, one foot ahead and full beam keel modification that the builder thought would make the boat faster. It turned out that this modification made the boat porpoise badly and I will be filling in this section with foam,wood and glass. I am setting up the boat for a restoration however this boat was fibreglassed (when built) so it will be painted as opposed to the beautiful wood look. Currently the boat is drying out in my heated garage and I have started to build two frames with wheels which the boat will rest on while upside down. This will allow for the repairs and the painting of the bottom.

The two buckets seats were destroyed by water damage and sitting. I am going to put the back to back seating arrangement with the fuel tank between the seats. The owner did not have the plans any longer and I am looking for the plans for the seat build up only. Would anybody have a PDF of the seating arrangement/

Thanks Steve

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