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Chris from Cartersville, GA

Postby chris106 » Sun Feb 08, 2015 10:10 pm

Hello all!

Chris from Cartersville, Georgia. Started building the Roustabout. Really like the Malahini but opted for the larger Roustabout. We have a four year old Grandson and hopefully we will use this boat for many years with all sorts of watersports with him. I like the more allround utility I can get from the Roustabout; If were for just my wife and I, I would have picked up the Malahini. A little bit more room, storage and more occupant seating were biggest deciding factors.

So far had pretty good luck finding materials for the build. Also picked up a heck of a deal on an old boat that I was purely interested in the trailer, however it has yielded several other parts that will help with the build. I thing I have about half a mason jar of SS screws, nuts, bolts and washers. The 80's Somerset came with a 165 Mercruiser; not sure if I will be using that, but will not know for sure until after I get the engine pulled. Luckily I have a really good neighbor/mechanic.

I started in mid to late December, working on it during the weekends. Like most of you all, with the full time job, weekends are boat days. So far it has been a blast. Learning to do everything. I have spent countless hours reading all your posts, watching video's posted by builders, and reading material on boating and building. It makes it very inspiring to move forward with the build.

A couple of interestes I will be trying on this build. Firstly, I want to build this from stem to stern. I am studying upholstry for building the seats. I will also probably try lost foam pour foundry techniques for fabricating the windscreen brackets and other specialty parts. I think I will also try my hand at a cutwater. So many really great videos and blog entries on those items. My wife thinks I eat, breath, and sleep hotel business and when I'm not doing that I'm in the garage working on the boat! Nah she likes my hobby. Before this I was building furniture every weekend so it's still sawdust, just now it's with better wood!

I have started a blog for the family to keep up with the build. Several relatives that I have built furniture for are always inquiring on the build. Also It will be a unique way to show the grandson how the boat came about when it becomes time to pass it on down the line. Well enough jibberjabbing we all have boats to build!


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