Built Rebel 15 in 1962

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Built Rebel 15 in 1962

Postby Ronbo44 » Thu Mar 12, 2015 7:00 am

Back in 1962 there wasn't much to chose from for a fast runabout. The Glasspar G3 (13-14'?) was the ultimate. So when I was 16 I bought the Rebel 15 frame kit. In 6 months or so it was in the water. Since I was still in school, money was in short supply so friends supplied motors for a while. I finally convinced my father a used Merc 80 was the way to go. It was as fast as the local marina mechanic's G3 with souped up 75 Johnson.

On the measured mile it hit 43 mph which was a lot back then on LI New York. I couldn't mar the decks or hull with clunky running lights or reg numbers so had a few police and CG boats giving chase until they gave up. A buddy and I ran it up the Hudson River from the south shore of LI to Lake George to meet some friends who left before we arrived with empty fuel tanks.

I kept the Rebel for about 5 years making some changes along the way. The hull was sheathed with FG when built and later covering the deck as well. Added a fin which made all the difference in turning.
Never did get satisfactory seats. The leather Austin-Healey seats didn't last long in the sun and salt.

Now have a large cruising sailboat since early on I got over the need for speed. Especially when I see the Go-Fast boats spending $500 for a day's running!


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