newbie, Midland, TX, USA

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newbie, Midland, TX, USA

Postby Jigsaw » Mon Mar 16, 2015 11:12 am

We are building a Tango.

I am ordering the bronze hardware kit in the next couple of weeks and have found a lumber wholesaler who can meet our needs.

We are keeping electrical to a minimum so the Woman has agreed to let me use kerosene or paraffin lanterns for navigation and anchor lights. The only electrical so far will be red/white LEDs for the cabin, fans, bilge pump, and a separate set of navigation lights, disconnected, in case a future owner does not share my enthusiasm for old school stuff.

I am going to modify the fitting at the top of the mast to have a solar powered fan and a system to retrieve the paraffin anchor lamp. The mast will be hollowed and connected with the stanchion below the deck so that the mast fan will assist with ventilation. I also want to be able to modify the forward toe rails to accept a custom mount for the lamps, port and starboard.

There are also plans in the works to mount awnings for the cockpit.

We are really excited to be finally delving into the project. This has been a lifelong dream of mine, and we have already scheduled Boat Night so the neighbors and older kids can swing by and lend a hand. Thanks in advance for any tips and support.

I do already have a technical question. If we opt for a 12hp diesel outboard on the transom, do we need to move the ballast forward a notch? Weight is 45kg hanging from the stern. Or would it be better to just balance it out with more committed storage forward?

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