Houston Sea Scout(s)

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Houston Sea Scout(s)

Postby Seascout » Sun Sep 04, 2016 11:39 am


I'm a Mate with a new Sea Scout Ship in Clear Lake, Texas (Houston). (Being new to scouting as a retired adult, I had to learn that Sea Scouts are now a stand-alone group under the broad Scouting USA banner and that a "ship" in sea scouts is like a troop in boy or girl scouts. The adult leader is the Skipper and adult assistants to the Skipper are mates; i.e., guys like me.)

The reason I'm on your forum is that we've just have a 70% completed 31' Union Jack donated to us by a fine gentleman who had built several boats in his life time and, as he put it, "my time and money has run out" on this project. It's an intact hull and superstructure with a single Perkins diesel (35 hrs on it) with some cabinets and framework roughed in. We've run the engine and have exercised it by moving in and out of the slip a few times but until we get an anchor, marine radios, and a few other things aboard, we're not taking it out.

Which brings me to the purpose of this entry. Now that we have a 31' steel trawler that will need some work to make it into the floating classroom a Sea Scout ship really needs to be in order to introduce our scouts to what the ocean can teach us, we adults have to think a little more about these viewpoints.

Do we want to initially teach them about systems, basic electricity, and carpentry as we do the work necessary to make it into a classroom afloat and hope that in 3-4 months (assuming we can raise enough $$ to do that) we are ready to use it and these teenagers haven't gotten distracted and gone off chasing more "fun" things.

Or, do we see if we can sell it to someone who would love to have a project boat that is much farther along than most you find because there aren't any deteriorated places or machinery you have to rip out and replace? We could take that money and get a sailboat that is in decent shape and start teaching immediately out on Galveston Bay.

I welcome your thoughts and am sure there are many other aspects of this we haven't considered.

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Re: Houston Sea Scout(s)

Postby jplatou » Mon Nov 07, 2016 2:36 am

Teaching is the best way!

I would personally take the boat out, why wait! Just go out with a back up back. The enemy of good is perfect.

Here is a link of the granddaughter's boat that I helped her build when she was 5. I have run the Kid Build A Boat at The Houston Boat Show and Keels-Wheels for the last 10 years. http://www.texaschapteraomci.com/member ... -profiles/

Here is the link for her building her boat http://www.nwsca.com/minimost/john_pics2/

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