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New member from North Carolina

Postby Captain » Thu Oct 13, 2016 9:34 am

Hey guys my name is Kyle. I'm new to both this forum and boat building. I currently have a 1998 Polaris slxh jet ski that I can no longer registered. I found this site and people putting jet ski motors in boats and would like to do the same. I first looked at the dyno jet then the squirt now I settled on the Bullet. I haven't found a build on jet bullet so I'm not sure if this can be done and if it has been done before. When reading the jet boat builds they seem to be using smaller engines. The biggest I seen so far is a 780. My ski has a 1050 in it. The jet ski specs are as follows net weight 545 length 9' Beam 3'11" engine 1050 3 cylinder 2 stroke 120 hp. What are your thoughts on this build? If anyone has some good bullet builds please send me the link.

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Re: New member from North Carolina

Postby jpvernon » Thu Oct 13, 2016 10:44 am

Welcome Kyle!
Even since I read about using a jet ski motor in a boat,....I've been seeing old jet skis in peoples' yards for sale.
But,....building my boat will a challenge in itself.

Good Luck,

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Re: New member from North Carolina

Postby DSR » Thu Oct 13, 2016 6:26 pm

Hi Kyle, welcome to forum!
I'm new here also and I looked at the Bullet myself to do a conversion before deciding to do a jet TNT for my first build (of hopefully a few boats....).
I'm kinda surprised that i haven't seen anybody do a jet Bullet, unless i missed it. Looking at the hull shape and the deadrise angles, it looks like it would lend itself pretty well to a conversion, especially if you decided to graft the bottom of the jet ski into the hull (and it would run pretty darn hard with that Polaris 3-cylinder in it!).
The biggest hurdle i can see is the same thing i ran into, which is the length of the powertrains on the higher-powered jet skis (my powertrain is 54" from the front of the engine to the inside of the hull where the pump mounts, but I think mine might be a little longer than most). Since these boats were never designed to fit jet ski power (the Dynojet being the only exception I believe, but with a much smaller powertrain package), it's definitely a challenge to figure out how to make everything fit and function, but I personally think that's a major part of the fun in doing something like this. I'm having a blast with it and having the Glen-L forum and all the support within also makes a BIG difference in deciding to do something like this. the knowledge and support here is great!

Dave :D
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Re: New member from North Carolina

Postby hoodman » Fri Oct 14, 2016 7:09 am

Good luck with your build! If you are passing through Forest City and want to see a build in progress let me know.

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Re: New member from North Carolina

Postby Captain » Fri Oct 14, 2016 7:31 pm

I will try and get over to the shop and get some measurements on how long the engine and pump are. Maybe we can get and idea if this thing will even fit. Thanks hoodman that looks like a little bit of a drive from here but if I'm ever over their I might take you up on it. We head up 40 to Tennessee every so often that's about the closest I come. My parents have a lake house in Jefferson City we go to a few times a year if I build this boat or another that is where it will end up spending it's life.

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