New Member from USNA, Annapolis.

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New Member from USNA, Annapolis.

Postby dpow86 » Wed Apr 19, 2017 1:08 pm

Greetings from the Naval Academy.
I've been active duty in the Navy for just over 8 years now and have been enjoying my time on Large vessels (Aircraft Carrier) and I wanted to spend some personal time on a slightly smaller craft. Putzing around the Severn River with the wife on weekends in the Summer.
I am looking for a small/short craft with a low draft and specifically jet powered. I have looked at aluminum hull vessels but believe this to be a bit out of my price range ($4,000 max budget)
I've been interested in the 11' Dyno Jet: ... ducts/212/

I'd love some feedback if anyone would be able to provide.
I'm a mechanic, but have very little experience with wood, but I have a lot of experience with tools. Would this build be easy for me to pickup?
I'm thinking of building this in my garage. Would I be able to move the hull around during construction myself?
I have next to no experience with JetSki engines. I found some salvage ones online for a few hundred. Should I be avoiding a certain power range for this craft level?
Obviously, wood is not fully water resistant. Should I consider fiberglassing the bottom of the hull?
I love the look of deep stained wood with white lines running between the planks. Is this something a beginner can achieve?
Last question. In terms of materials such as wood, glue, nails, fiberglass (not engine/pump/steering) what level of cost should I expect? I am already thinking between $800 to $1,400.

Thank you for your time!

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Gayle Brantuk
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Re: New Member from USNA, Annapolis.

Postby Gayle Brantuk » Wed Apr 19, 2017 1:33 pm


Welcome to our community and thank you for your service! The Dyno Jet is a great first boat--most who build any of our boats have never built one before. It's best if you can anchor the building frame to the floor, but I know a lot folks on this Forum have built movable jigs out of necessity and hopefully they will chime in. The max we recommend for the Dyno Jet is 50 hp. We do recommend that you fiberglass the whole outside of the boat (bottom, sides and transom) to protect the wood and then coat the inside with epoxy or other sealer. A planked deck is certainly within the skills of a beginner as many others have done so with no experience. We have feedback on how it's done taken from comments of builders on this Forum and it's in a PDF here:

I have feedback from a builder in Canada that his costs for the hull were about $2200 USD and that includes a sander, sanding paper and other supplies. We have a bill of materials on our site that you can use to estimate the wood costs in your area because they do vary quite a bit. Then, you can just add up the price of the stitch & glue and fiberglass covering kits and that should get you pretty close. Here's a link to the b of m:

I hope this helps--let us know if you have other questions.

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Re: New Member from USNA, Annapolis.

Postby dpow86 » Wed Apr 19, 2017 2:22 pm

Hey Gayle, thanks for the feedback!
I do have a followup question then, concerning the 50hp engine.
What would happen if I were to add a stronger engine, estimated at around 130hp? I don't mind going fast!
If I'm browsing salvaged Jet Ski's that still have a running engine, how would I find its rated hp to verify if it would be suitable?

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