Hello from Southern California

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Hello from Southern California

Postby Yeahyeah » Wed Apr 19, 2017 5:31 pm

hello everyone!

I've been thinking about building a boat for a few years now and as I near retirement (another year or two away) I find myself considering it more and more. I have a fair amount of experience in carpentry/cabinetry/furniture making with a small wood shop in my garage and zero experience with boat building. So I do have a number of questions as I consider taking on this endeavor.

First, the selection of what boat would suit my needs. I enjoy fishing, as do a number of my friends, but I don't anticipate fishing more than 20-30 days a year. Typically, there might be three or four of us going out to fish. My wife doesn't fish, but she would enjoy a day on a lake sunning with a book to read. Given that, I am considering building a Key West or a La Paz, not sure which, or maybe another model. Other than the fuel capacity, there doesn't seem to be much difference between the two, so maybe someone can explain to me more about that. Maybe one is better suited to rougher seas or something. I would expect to most of my boating on lakes, but the Pacific is only an hour from my house, so ocean boating is something I would consider trying.

Another question I have is regarding the Key West specifically. The description says there are a number of options with the motor. I think I'd prefer an outboard, but the specs say
Power: Single centrally mounted inboard engine to 1200 lbs., single or twin outboards to 400 lbs., or stern mounted inboard driving through an outdrive, jetdrive, or vee drive, not exceeding 700 lbs.
. Does that mean if you go with a single outboard, it needs to be at most 400 lbs? If so, that would limit you to maybe 115 hp motor (most are around 370 lbs), which would seem like a little under powered for a 23' center console boat.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Hello from Southern California

Postby Soloboat » Thu Apr 20, 2017 9:36 am

welcome from a fellow left coast member. the boats you are looking at look very similar, go back and look at the Key Largo check the notes it shows several power options based on achievable speeds. Pics on the La Paz shows one builder with a 150 Hp outboard.I think 400LBS would be the weight of each motor if they were two. You could confirm this by calling Gayle at Glen-L.
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Re: Hello from Southern California

Postby Yeahyeah » Sat Apr 22, 2017 6:45 am

thanks, Solo. I was thinking it might be 400 lbs for each. I will double check when it comes time to make a decision.

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Re: Hello from Southern California

Postby Bill Edmundson » Sat Apr 22, 2017 11:16 am


Personally, I like the La Paz. I'd build it at 24 feet. I'm just testing out my Bartender, a similar size boat. I'm running a Yamaha 115 4 stroke. With 4 people, 30 gal of water, and 25 gal of gas I hit 35 mph. The La Paz should get close to 40 MPH with a 150 hp.

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Re: Hello from Southern California

Postby Yeahyeah » Tue May 09, 2017 8:46 pm


(Sorry if I'm violating any policies)
Would a center console of this nature (small door w step down to portable head), w T top, and leaning post w bait tank be unthinkable to put in a La Paz that has been extended to 24'? Or am I just crazy.

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Re: Hello from Southern California

Postby ToddM » Thu May 18, 2017 12:38 pm

Hey. New member, also from So Cal. Haven't decided for sure which boat I will build. Am presently leaning toward the Tahoe, but with a barrelback. The function and use of the boat is not as important to me as it's looks, and if that sounds weird, it probably is. Are any other Southern Californians here attending the Newport Beach wooden boat show?

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