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Howdy From Cincinnati and Virginia

Posted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 11:57 pm
by Scowboy
Hello, everybody! I'm doing the introduction as suggested (instructed?) 8)

I have two places listed because I'm still in Ohio for 4-12 more weeks, and then, God willin' and the river don't rise, I'm moving back home to Virginia. I'm a transplant to Virginia, but I've never felt more at home anywhere else. I spent the last 7 years (before Cincy) in Williamsburg, Va.

Over the last year I've gone from wanting to build a boat for the Chesapeake and the big estuaries around home to wanting a boat that can run the whole Great Loop. Not necessarily all in one shot (I mean, that's a big time investment) but all of the waters of it. Over the last few months in Cincinnati I've become increasingly interested in the inland parts of the Loop, and even more, the navigable waters that are connected to, but not part of the Loop. I want to run the whole Ohio from the Monongahela, to Cairo. Boat to Charleston, Wv on the Kanawha, and see Knoxville going up from Kentucky Lake. The idea of such deeply inland places being connected to the sea just fascinates me. I mean, boating from Jamestown to Tulsa? How cool is that?

I kinda have a thing for scows. Not just because of the simplicity of building or the inordinate displacements you can get in a teaspoon of water, but I just really like the way they look. Whether it's old shantyboats, Great Lakes scows, or the coastal scows that carried hay or cotton (I love CRBB's Wartappo), I just dig their look. I don't have an explanation. Guess I just like boats traditionally thought of as ugly :wink:

I also have a serious interest in a topic I still don't understand well yet: electric propulsion. I don't want to spend a ton on getting my boat from point A to point B. I haven't ruled out sail as an option, but its main appeal to me is that it's cheaper than gas. I'm not sure it's a viable option for going upstream against the Mississippi or Ohio, however. I like the idea of electric for low operating costs. With enough power I can cross about anything, go upstream, and not spend a month's pay doing it. And I like the quiet of it, even if I need to recharge it with a generator from time to time. But I don't know a lot about the how-to's and such yet.

Well, that's a long-winded introduction. I'm hoping to learn a lot, and I'm looking forward to poking around here.


Re: Howdy From Cincinnati and Virginia

Posted: Thu Jun 15, 2017 8:46 am
by chugalug
:D Welcome.I've been contimplating my next build based on the big hunk hull extended to a shy under 30 ft.only with a cabin somewhat like the "lingcod" houseboat top(Devlin boats)maybe that is what you're thinking too.or maybe too small.I don't like the big bed up for'ward on lingcod design.think more on a berth each side and forward door into self-bailing front deck area.kinda like a sailboat interior on a flat-bottomed boat. :roll:

Re: Howdy From Cincinnati and Virginia

Posted: Sun Jun 25, 2017 6:22 am
by Ranny
Welcome, I am from Lake Monticello, outside of Charlottesville. I hace a 2002 Duffy Electric boat with a 48 volt motor. At 21', I get a whopping 6 mph no matter the number of passengers for a 4,000 boat. There is some calculation used for displacement boats: ... U-4g4UpCEc

You might consider anold Duffy for a sacrifial motor or a new one from Duffy.

You may also want to check out Torqueedo.

Re: Howdy From Cincinnati and Virginia

Posted: Mon Sep 18, 2017 5:50 pm
by Scowboy
Thanks for the replies, everyone!

I apologize for being absent, but work scheduling was killing my time. Things have slowed down on some days (mostly because I left the 18-hour a day job), and plans to move back to Virginia are progressing. I'm splitting my time between Virginia Beach and Cincinnati at the moment. I really can't wait to get

So there's my little re-introduction :oops:

A Duffy? Do they make the motor, or can the motor be had independent of the whole boat? A reliable 6mph at 2 tons plus another half-ton or so of guests is pretty sweet. That'll get me places against tides and currents!

I'm looking to stay at 36' or under. mostly due to dock fees and build costs (both of which are making me try to figure out how small a boat I can live on and be ok with it). Yeah, I've got some killer budget restraints, but the whacked-out thing is, if I can acquire or build a suitable boat, the cost of living for Virginia beach plummets. I can do a 28 liveaboard for $350-ish a month there including the $125 liveaboard fee. And it lets me live close to the job bringing me to VaB (Cape Henry Lighthouse). I think I'd go more like Harlan Hubbard's shanty boat interior on mine. Partly because I don't think a sailboat interior appeals to me (I'll know for sure after I wander thru a couple, but they don't seem very home-y to me), and I like the flexibility (and windows) of Hubbard's interior. What's the Lingcod interior like?

I'll stop there, I guess any more stuff than that deserves dedicated posts outside of the Intro