Cabin Skiff almost ready to assemble

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Cabin Skiff almost ready to assemble

Postby watkibe » Sat Jul 15, 2017 2:57 am

Right now, my boat looks like a pile of odd but neatly cut pieces of expensive plywood. This is my fourth Glen-L boat but the first that I have bought full-on BS 1088 LLoyds okoume plywood made by Joubert. I have enough for the hull, as is specified. I also bought a piece of 18 mm for the transom, and two 6 mm pieces for the cabin roofs. The 18 mm piece is for the transom. They say DFX 3/4" is OK because the transom doesn't take that much stress, but I don't buy it; hanging a 200 pound out board on the transom of a trailered boat seems plenty stressful. Besides if I want to finish the transom clear, it will look much better. I don't want to use DFX on the roofs because it will check, even under epoxy. ( I will class them.) Also, someone might step or climb up on the roofs, or waves might break over them, so the best ply is my choice.
The directions start with the "side-bottom" planks. These are the "folded part of FAST-G method, which puts quite a stressful bend in the panel; and the are the bow. For both reasons, these parts should be perfect. I made them first, as directed. However, my shop skills and tools were quite "rusty" , and the parts are definitely not perfect. So...I bought two more pieces of Joubert to re-make them now. I have better skills now, and more confidence and knowledge. I will start on them tomorow.
I don't know if the transom should be built before assembling the rest of the hull, but the unassembled parts laid out on the floor will take the whole barn workshop. I'm thinking regardless of the directions, I can probably benefit from having the transom ready to finish the assembly and move on the the next step.
I have the transom nearly complete. I laminated and cut the 2 main layers, and have cut the motor board out. Tomorrow I plan to glue up the motor board onto the transom; the next day I will cut the bottom edge, the final cut.
As soon as I figure out how to attach files, I will post some photos.
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Re: Cabin Skiff almost ready to assemble

Postby specialk » Sat Jul 15, 2017 12:04 pm

Please keep the pictures coming. ..this boat is on the short list for my 2nd build...
Thanks Kelly
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