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New from Indiana

Postby indygirl » Sun Jul 30, 2017 9:00 am

Hi All - I found this forum after writing to Glen-L last week. My husband built one Glen-L Duck Boat and was starting on another. He loved woodworking and had built a sailboat with a friend in high school, a long time ago. So I guess he wanted to try it again. Before he got done with these he got sick and passed away. So I have one boat almost finished with a lot of hardware and paint inside it, and one that is just the frame. I also have a mast he bought. This was his passion and I have thought about it a lot and am ready to sell them. Also I have talked to my kids and they are ok with me letting them go. I decided to start here to see if there were any ideas or interest. I appreciate any tips you can give me for trying to sell them. I want to sell them to someone who will carry on what he did!!!
Thanks for reading this!
Indygirl- Northeast Indiana

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Re: New from Indiana

Postby vupilot » Sun Jul 30, 2017 11:36 am


I'm sorry to hear your husband didnt get to see these boats to fruition. Do you happen to know what exactly these boats are? What design they are or where the plans came from? Are they Glen-L?

I am located in the Indy area over in Brownsburg. If I can be of any help please let me know here. I have some friends in local sailing clubs and maybe you could forward me some pictures and we could get the word out and perhaps they can post a flyer at the sailing clubs or in their newsletters. Do the same for any clubs in your area as well. They are generally quite friendly if you email or just drop by and explain what you have or better yet take a flyer along.

My advice is to keep your expectations realistic. Its hard to find someone that is interested in the exact same boat your husband was built exactly the was he was doing it, and located close enough that its feasible to make a deal. You will be doing well to find someone that will just be willing to continue these builds and enjoy them and do really well if you can just recoup the cost of the materials and hardware.


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Re: New from Indiana

Postby indygirl » Mon Jul 31, 2017 3:58 pm

Hi Chris,

Thank you for your response and for your advice. The guys I know up here have power boats but I will search for a sailing club. I Iooked up the bills and it seems that the boats were Glen L Duckboat Frame kit Item # 65-380, then the Fastening kit and Hardware. I have more invoices, but I think they all went with this. I had sent Gayle some pictures but will try to post them on this forum also.
Yes you are so right, I think it will be hard to find someone interested in just these boats, but thought I would try. I would be thrilled to get some of the cost of the materials back- I am hoping for someone who wants to build a boat and can make an offer then have fun building these rather them just sitiing here

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