Hello from Nova Scotia, Canada

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Hello from Nova Scotia, Canada

Post by Randeb74 » Wed Sep 20, 2017 4:00 am

Hello all. I'm Randy, from Kentville, NS. I've built one backyard, low end sailboat and fixed up a number of others. I'm always tinkering and fixing up things. At present I'm curious whether anyone else is having a similar peculiarity with power boats. My boat works fine but both my Dad and my brother have boats that waddle at slow speeds. My brothers is a 24' Bayliner cruiser and my Dad's is a 18' planing hull bow rider. Couldn't be much more different. Yet both of them, only when going in the hull speed range, you have to anticipate and work the wheel in order to keep them from making you look drunk. Seems to be inherent in the hull design somehow but I don't know. There is a little play in the steering but no more then is common in an old boat and I really think that you would have to saw at the wheel even if it was tight. I've noted the same behaviour when towing some boats and it would be interesting to tow Dad's boat cause I suspect that it would waddle.

Any ideas as to what causes this and how it can be minimized.

Thanks for letting me in.


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