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On Wisconsin

Post by Leegej » Wed Sep 27, 2017 6:08 pm

Hello all,

New member here, been snooping around for a month or so now. I'm a 25 year old, newly married, dairy farmer from Wisconsin. I'm a fairly experienced woodworker, kind of a gear head, and love being out on the water, so mohagaony runabouts have always caught my eye as the best of both worlds. I don't think the wife thinks I'm serious at this point, but I hope/dream to build one of these at some point.

After snooping around, I think I have a rough idea of what I want in a boat. The gear head in me wants a v-8, the socialite in me wants a front cockpit with 2 captains chairs and a U shaped bench behind. id also like a boat that can perform, and handle some rougher water when the wind picks up. I also love he barrel back look, but I could go away from that to get the boat I want.

I feel that leaves me with the Tahoe or the Monte Carlo. The Monte is bigger than I'd probably like length wise, but seems to be the boat I'm currently dreaming of!

So if anyone has any input on my thoughts here, planning and dreaming is half the fun so I'd be happy to hear from you!

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