Any one know who built my boat?

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Le Dan
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Any one know who built my boat?

Post by Le Dan » Fri Sep 29, 2017 10:42 am


New member to the site. My name is Dan and I bought a Glen Elyn 11 the beginning of summer she is set up as a fractional rigged sloop and I really like her a lot! She was donated to the rowing club nearby who sold it to me for a song. I'd really like to talk with the person who built her so I can find out about the finishes he or she used so that when I re-varnish I can get compatible resins, paint etc. She's painted a bright yellow and she's cute as a button so I would like to keep her as original as I possibly can. I've sailed her a lot on the local lake so she's got a few scratches and bumps that need to be fixed and once the sailing season ends I'll bring her home and give a little TLC. I realize I could post a photo but how many boats are bright yellow and named "Lemon Drop?"
Does anyone on this site know who built this boat? She's pretty distinctive, She's bright yellow and called the "Lemon Drop" with "the couv" painted as an underline. Again she's set up as a fractional sloop.

If anyone knows who built her please let me know. Thanks, Dan

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