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Hello to the Forum!

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Hi, I’m Rob in Parker, AZ, USA.
Cool forum! I hope you folks can help me. I watched the TT Zero race, on tv of course. The Isle of Man motorcycle road race. The electric motorcycle by Mugen holds the current record of an average speed is 121 mph. The internal combustion record is 135 mph. I wondered what powers that electric bike.
Parker-Hannifin is the company that makes the 800w GVM. Global Vehicle Motor. A permanent magnet, traction motor, for replacement and conversions in busses and tractors globally. The Mugen team selected this motor, with its motor controller.
I called my local Parker-Hannifin dealer, out of Yuma. I wanted to find out pricing and order options. Because I want one in a crackerbox.
There’s s video on YouTube that has an electric RC boat that Blows doors! Screams.
This is possible in a Glen-l crackerbox. I know it.
there is a Chinese connection for custom built, liquid-cooled, perm magnet traction motors for cheap. But they dont hold any records.
50% of battery weight is now gone, with lithium-ion batteries.
I got the order form, but some of the questions I must answer, to properly size the motor are out of my abilities in math. Where the torq goes and controller tolerances. I need help.
9600 rpm. 18650 batteries welded in series, formed into a rechargeable, sealed box in the bow. Rigged for a 110V extension cord. It will be too light, I believe. The keel will need to be laid with lead.
I really need to speak with an electrical engineer?
I am a submarine veteran and the contractor ELectric Boat has built the most beautiful machines on the planet!

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