New member Bristol UK Cabin Skiff Build.

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New member Bristol UK Cabin Skiff Build.

Post by kev1966 » Thu Jan 31, 2019 9:40 am

Hi ,Im Kev from Bristol UK , Just got home from work today and my plans have arrived for the 16ft Cabin Skiff , really daunting looking at them as i have never built a boat before but cant wait now to get started. Please if there is anyone out there with any advise on this build ,i would very much appreciate it .thanks in advance.
Think the first thing now is to get along to a timber merchant and source so good marine ply .
Will be posting my progress as i go .
Fingers crossed i get off to a good start .

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Re: New member Bristol UK Cabin Skiff Build.

Post by watkibe » Sun Feb 03, 2019 8:03 pm

Hey Kev -
I started building my CS16 on 4/14/17; I am closing in on finishing the "right side up" part of the project. Take your time reading all the material that came with your plans, as well as really examining your plans. Heck, take your time with everything; mistakes are learning opportunities, but spoiled material costs money.
Glen wrote things in "excruciating" detail - if you can't find something, look again. It's probably there somewhere.

5 practical hints:
- I took pictures of the plywood layout drawings so I could look at all of the drawings at once while I was figuring things out, without flipping huge plan sheets.
- I made a cross-reference sheet showing what parts are on which plan sheet, and on which plywood layout sheet, without flipping huge plan sheets.
- Keep your plans rolled up in the shipping tube, except for the one you are working from. Keep the one you are using rolled up on a closet pole (1 1/2" wooden dowel) This is the best way I have found to have quick access to the plans, while keeping them from too much damage.
- A large table makes looking at plans and laying out parts much easier..
- Use the carbon transfer paper that Glen-L sells for transferring the plans to plywood.
- And yes, find a good supplier of marine plywood. I am using Jobert okoume from France. You may have access to Bruynzeel. In Bristol there should be plenty of chandlers and and marine lumberyards.

Feel free to ask when questions come up, OK ?
From the Great Pacific Northwest !

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Re: New member Bristol UK Cabin Skiff Build.

Post by kev1966 » Thu Feb 07, 2019 1:27 pm

Hi .
Thanks for the info and pointers , will take these into account when i start .
Going to shop around this weekend for ply ,and then start marking out the patterns . will up load pics as i go

By the way seen the pics of your build on here and it looks amazing .great job.
hope mine goes as well .

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