new member looking to buy or build 22-25 ft launch

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new member looking to buy or build 22-25 ft launch

Postby whboyd1 » Tue Dec 02, 2008 5:26 am

have looked at the harbormaster and would like to hear from someone familiar with this launch
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Dave Grason
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Postby Dave Grason » Tue Dec 02, 2008 7:28 am

Welcome to the forum.

The Harbormaster is a very straight forward build. Think of it as a strip canoe scaled up to a larger size. That's all there is to it. You would basically cut your frames, get them into place on the building form and then start laying your strips and epoxying them into place. As wooden boats go, this is probably considered easier in some circles than even building a plywood design. Don't let it intimidate you.

As far as powering it goes, you have several options. Since it's patterned after a turn of the (last) century steam launch, some have built this design with actual steam engines. I personally think that electric power would be really neat.

It is a displacement hull. I don't know how much you know about boats so please forgive me if I'm telling you something you already know. But any displacement hull will be relatively easy to move through the water. But it does push the water aside to move. This means that a little horsepower will push the hull to as fast as it can go and beyond that, you're just wasting fuel, power and getting nowhere. That point is called "hull speed." The Harbormaster can reach hullspeed very easily with very little power but it will never go faster than that. ....unless maybe you powered it with a fuel injected alcohol Keith Black drag motor with a 6/71 style supercharger on it. Then it might go a little faster. :lol: So if slowly traveling lazily around your particular body of water, sipping wine and having a picnic is your idea of true boating, the Harbormaster is YOUR boat. To me, there's something about it that spells "wedding reception." To me, it's a very classy, dress-up mode of transport for the cultured, genteel crowd.
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