hoisting Tango mast single handed

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George P. Carr
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hoisting Tango mast single handed

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:roll: I propose this way: Attach rope to base of main-mast rope-tiethen run said rope through jib pulley located close to top of mast then run said rope through a pulley attached to the top of a 8 foot aluminun pole made up of four two-foot length sleeved sections with said pole's opposite end attached to a hinge which is attached to cabin roof a inches in front of the main mast pivot then said rope runs through a pulley attached to the eye bolt at tip of bowsprit then said rope runs along side of cabin to the gunwhale jib swivel-eye (port or starboard) then said rope raps around a mounted winch on top of the cockpit seat back then into the hands of the solo sailor whom pulls on said rope to single handedly raise the main mast.

Rob Myran
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Re: hoisting Tango mast single handed

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You may be interested in reading this web page:

The Perfect Solo Mast-Raising System for Small Sailboats

I have seen lots of different techniques and contraptions used to raise and lower the masts on small sailboats. All suffer from the same problems for solo sailors, and I recently came across a system that solves all of them neatly and for a fairly low price. ...

Another fine mess I've gotten myself into!

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Re: hoisting Tango mast single handed

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George; You'll need to keep the mast from flopping over the side with some lines.

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