Magic Formula

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Magic Formula

Post by paddleplus43 »

Is there a 'magic formula' to determine the size of boat that would fit a specifc person? Here's the specifics: I'm 6 ft. 5 inches tall, weight about 250 lbs, need to have back support while sailing and would like to be able to do have a cabin to stretch out in or spend the night out on the water. I'd be sailing on the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries and would like to do both day sailing and overnight sailing. If someone has a few ideas that would be great.

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Gayle Brantuk
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Re: Magic Formula

Post by Gayle Brantuk »

Yeah for tall men! No magic formula for picking a boat. Sailboat cabins aren't known for their spacious accommodations and headroom anyway, at least for the smaller designs. I'd go as large as you are comfortable building. The Minuet is nice, but the Fancy Free would be even better--the Tango is in the middle and would work for you as well. It's really a matter of preference...

As for your back issues--you'll probably need to do some custom work on a seat with a back as most sailboats just have bench seating.

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Re: Magic Formula

Post by kens »

The old salts will say you need 1 foot of waterline for every year of your age.
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Re: Magic Formula

Post by slug »

Being an old salt myself, I know there's no way I could sail a 72' boat. :lol: :lol: :lol:
Hell I couldnt even see the bow from the cockpit. :roll:

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Bill Edmundson
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Re: Magic Formula

Post by Bill Edmundson »

I hope Kens means the total wetted perimeter. My trouble is before I can finish a boat it's already too small! :?

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