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Minuet Cost

Posted: Fri Sep 09, 2011 9:18 pm
by nemmy
Hey there friends,
I have a question concerning the Minuet Overnight Sloop.
Approximately how much should I expect to spend on lumber? As it stands right now I'm trying to pass my idea through my proverbial congress (my wife) and having a more concrete number than "around $8000" for the estimated build cost would really help my cause.

Re: Minuet Cost

Posted: Sat Sep 10, 2011 5:44 am
by vupilot
There is a section at the bottom of the homepage for that actually.

There is one writeup for the Minuet. You might look at other similar boats like the 17 and 15, to get more data for congress.

Re: Minuet Cost

Posted: Sat Sep 10, 2011 5:45 am
by TiredParent
The Minuet is one of the models I have considered building as my next build. I estimated total costs in the range of $12000... but I was pricing everything on the high side (mahogany, kits & sails from Glen-L, outboard, etc.). I've heard others mention prices as low as $4 - $5K.

Re: Minuet Cost

Posted: Sat Sep 10, 2011 6:36 am
by gstanfield
Tell your wife that you want to budget $10k for the build and that you will try and save as much as you can on the build. Then when it is over she can take the leftover money and head to the jewlery store and buy whatever she wants with the excess boat budget money. You're almost certain to get approval through congress that way :wink:

Re: Minuet Cost

Posted: Mon Sep 12, 2011 8:32 am
by razopp
I am building a Minuet and believe I will be between $6-8K for my boat. I have all the materials for the hull completed and I am about $2.3K into the build. I estimate another $4K to finish it out with used equipment. (This assumes a used trailer, outboard, and building my sails from a kit.) There is a link to my Yahoo group where I have a detailed Excel file on my costs incurred to date and my estimates for finish out. I have links on the file to the supplies I found and my sources used to estimate the remaining purchases.


Tooling up

Posted: Mon Sep 12, 2011 2:02 pm
by Rational Root
One big issue is do you already have tools, or will you have to go out and buy some.

If you start adding up good tools it gets expensive (cheap tools gets expensive too, cause then you end up going out and buying good ones when try either break, or don't work very well)

Bandsaw or Jig Saw
Table Saw or Circular Saw
Orbital Sander, possibly belt sander,
Power Planer
2 x 18v drill drivers (makes life LOTs easier to drill holes with one, drive screws with the other, no changing bits, think in terms of 200+ screws in plywood for the hull !!!

Then handsaws, chisels, whetstones, drill bits, hacksaw, grinder, drill press / drill stand etc.

That can add a lump if you start from scratch, if you are already well stocked, then no problem.