Bullseye 11 foot

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Bullseye 11 foot

Post by lkenneth »

I just built the Bullseye 11 foot boat. The problem is the boat is so tipsy I have to sit in the bottem of the boat to keep it stable. Even when I step in it is very unstable. I tried to take my grandson sailing and it was next to impossible. Any ideas for modifications or does anyone else have this problem.

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Re: Bullseye 11 foot

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Please post pictures. I recently completed a Glen L - 15. Sailboats by nature are more tipsy. They have a curved bottom athwartship as well as lengthwise. Once seated some lean can be expected and an 11 or 15' boat isn't meant for days that are too windy. Maybe it will just take time to get accustomed to it. When I stand and walk around my boat it is tipsy. I have to hold onto whatever I can. But, it sails very well and I have sailed as far as 30mi on lake Erie and I respect it but don't shy away from it. When I step into mine I try to step to the center of the boat first. Be careful but make numerous attempts getting in and out and you will become accustomed to what is a normal reaction from your boat. Once you are in your weight will make the boat more stable for your grandchild to get aboard.

Good luck

Jeff McKie

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Re: Bullseye 11 foot

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oops repost

Tipppy did someone say tippy?
Photo taken from embarrasing video of me flipping my Bulls Eye on first day out in a breeze on small lake. Wonderful combo of fluky winds and some idiot trying to sail such a craft with a spring cleat on the mainsheet.
Upside; easy self rescue, turn upright with push on center board, floats just high enough with floatation in seats and bow to swarm in over the transom, easy bail out and off you go. At least with sorta simple small spirit rig.

Took her out in Puget Sound in 10-15 mph wind this week and hit 6 mph on GPS (recorded, no time for peering at instruments at speed). No spring cleat though, sorta terrifying actually what with 54° water, close to shore though with radio and life jacket, fabulous day think I need a bigger boat.

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