Looking for help with a V-shaped forward coaming

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Looking for help with a V-shaped forward coaming

Post by Locutus » Wed Jul 08, 2015 10:20 am

I'm stuck for lack of knowledge, skill and access to a surfacing planer.

The deck of my build consists of two plywood panels, strategically cut so that the seam forms a V on the bow deck. I want to cover this with a coaming that covers the deck all the way to the shear rail, thus hiding the seam. This will allow me to finish the deck bright, and it should look like a single piece. I'd also like the coaming to have a forward slant of up to 20 degrees.

But I lack the skill and knowledge to cut the angles correctly and accurately for a precise fit. And I need access to a surfacing planer so that I can reduce the thickness of my board stock from 13/16 to 1/2.

Does anyone know of someone in my area who can help me with this, or of any educational tools to help me figure this out myself? (I'm in Kirkland, WA.)

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