Tabernacle for Minuet

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Tabernacle for Minuet

Post by Sallen » Thu Sep 01, 2016 4:32 pm

Has any one tried a tabernacle arrangement for the mast on Minuet? I am contemplating building the boat as I like the lines and size and am looking for an all around type of sailboat for the ocean as well as lakes.

The tabernacle set-up that I have seen on the CLC Pocketship makes set-up and rigging at the dock a snap, versus having to step the mast, bend sails and re-rig each time the boat is used. I know I will use the boat less if it becomes a real chore to get set-up each time.

I imagine that a tabernacle would mean that the mast would need to be moved forward a bit to the front of the cabin so I would be concerned about any impact to the sailing qualities of the boat. Also, has anyone tried a gaff rig? That would reduce the mast length and keep it from sticking out well past the stern while towing.

Any one have any ideas or pictures to share?

Mike Worrall
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Re: Tabernacle for Minuet

Post by Mike Worrall » Sat Sep 03, 2016 8:49 am

See Minuet page @ Boat Designs dot com / photos / Roger C Hall. Looks like Mr. 'H' used a tabernacle on his heavily modified Minuet.


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