Ballast Lead

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Re: Ballast Lead

Post by jimbox » Fri May 04, 2018 1:27 am

Mike Worrall wrote:The Francis Drake (FG) has internal ballast. I used lead 'pigs' or 'ingots' (conjure a mental picture of the gold stored in Ft. Knox); in effect 50 lb 'bricks'. Using a compound miter saw with a non-ferrous blade, I cut each piece to fit into the keel cavity packing each as close together as possible. Any remaining voids were then filled with shot. Into each course (or row) I poured neat epoxy, covered with a layer of 18 oz WR. Repeat with next course to a total of 4 K lbs. I figure this amounted to about 250 trips up / down the ladder...

Mike Worrall
G-L Francis Drake
Thank you very much for the advice. It is true that it is rather difficult to get into such a project if you do not have the right techniques.

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Re: Ballast Lead

Post by Eenarl » Tue Jul 31, 2018 7:26 am

Lead like all metals is expensive today. As boat-builders, we want and need building material for free or as minimal cost that can be had. Here's a good secret: Old unwanted X-ray, radioisotope imaging equipment. The smaller vendor's have refurbished equipment that they keep for spare parts back in their warehouse's and shop work area's. It worked for me. 1500lbs...

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