New Glen-L 14 Build

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Re: New Glen-L 14 Build

Post by DrBryanJ »

I switched to an impact driver and found I striped less screws.

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Re: New Glen-L 14 Build

Post by dbischa »

I only had the one drill, an electric one, but I found I could drive the silicon bronze screws easily enough by hand after a coat of soap and a properly predrilled hole. When I did it this way I had no issues at all and the screws bedded into the substrate perfectly.

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Re: New Glen-L 14 Build

Post by aspags88 »

I found that even with the tapered countersink bit I would still strip the head when driving into white oak. Once I found some stainless screws to drive in first then replace with the bronze I had no issues. Fortunately I did all of the experimentation on some scrap wood so I was able to work through the issues before I did any work on the frames.

I haven't tried lubricant on the screws yet if I run into further issue I will add that to the list. Thanks for the replies.

As for the centerboard fiberglass question the plans don't explicitly call for it but said if you use it apply in this manner. That said the price of cloth needed to cover the interior is minimal so I will probably look to do that.

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