Nesting dinghies?

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Nesting dinghies?

Post by Bowersda »

Any thoughts on plans for a nesting dingy for cruising. I saw some comments in other publications I have been reading but don't remember seeing any thoughts about them in this forum. It seems like a good idea but I don't know what problems would be encountered by a DIY'r.
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Re: Nesting dinghies?

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Welcome! I'll have to think about nesting dinghies. Think it would work with stitch and glue. I don't know what to do with the seats.

Is that a Healey 3000 or 100-4 or 6 in you picture?

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Re: Nesting dinghies?

Post by DaveB^) »

I read "Tightwads on the Loose" and they built a nesting dingy for their 31' cruiser and used it in many places in the Pacific. They speak highly of its ease of use.

As for the Healey, it's a 1956 100-4 similiar to one I used to own. Only two forms of civilized transportation in the world are cranky old British Healeys and a leaky old sailboat. :lol:

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Re: Nesting dinghies?

Post by markr »

I built a "Chameleon" nesting dinghy as a gift for a friend a few years back. If memory serves there's an article about it in the April 2012 issue of "Good Old Boat." The plans were available directly from the designer, Danny Greene, for $35 back then. It is indeed a stitch and glue build, which was quite a lot of fun. It can be sailed, rowed from 2 positions, or pushed with a small outboard. It nests quite compactly into a ~5' x 4' footprint and is about 10' long when assembled. I don't know how it behaves on the water. Sadly, my friend's cruising plans were derailed by the untimely death of his wife.

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