Glen-L 17 Planing hul?

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Glen-L 17 Planing hul?

Postby EWeitzel » Sat May 06, 2017 11:31 am

Hi again: I am looking at buying a Glen-L 17 Overnighter. The hull flattens out a good bit in the rear; could it have planing hull characteristics. Hull speed calculations assuming all 17 feet are water line, would be approximately 5.5 knots or a little over 6 and a fraction mph. Has anyone had experience with a Glen-l 17 doing over 7 knots either under sail or power? Anyone have experience running a max hp 10 hp outboard at WOT? How fast did it go? I have read people saying it is a pretty good sailor, but it might also be pretty fast under power. This boat is really intriguing me.

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