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Motor Mount Sailboat Question

Posted: Wed May 10, 2017 3:14 pm
by Stuart
I am building the Glen-L 25 sailboat and need to ask a question about mounting an outboard on the stern. My problem began when I realized the weight of the motor is about 100lbs. Part of the problem is that I wanted a two cylinder, 4 cycle, 9.9hp with electric start and extra long shaft. It's an older Mercury Bigfoot. I have been looking for a motor bracket and never could find anything suitable. I finally purchased one made for 120lb engines and then found that the motor clamp plate is 2" to small.

Because the engine is heavy and it is a long shaft, I wonder why can't I use a fixed motor mount and just leave the engine in the water. The boat is not going to be trailered and it will remain in the fresh water all Canadian season. Is this something that can be done effectively or am I headed for more problems. Any suggesting how to position the bracket?

I just poured the lead ballast yesterday and I want to get the boat in the water so I'm looking to get this done.