Glen L-10 Splash Guard

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Glen L-10 Splash Guard

Post by drm_wfd »

I am building the Glen L-10. The overall drawing shows a splash guard just forward of the cockpit and behand the mast. I can not find a details in the other drawings to build and mount the parts. Can someone help?

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Re: Glen L-10 Splash Guard

Post by JimmY »

Use the TLAR method (That looks about right) :lol:
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Re: Glen L-10 Splash Guard

Post by dbischa »

I didn't bother adding one to my Glen l 13 simply because I couldn't have been bothered after all the work in getting to that stage and I just wanted to get on the water sooner. It hasn't been needed anyway.
I was thinking about gluing down strips of ply and building up laminations to get the correct height, there looks to be less of a curve to the deck of the 10 than what the 13 has so maybe it'd be easier. I guess you'd probably want it for yours seeing as you have far less freeboard and probably get a heap more speed than mine, meaning more water over the deck.
+1 on the TLAR approach :-)

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