Bad Connectors

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Bad Connectors

Postby rbrandenstein » Thu May 02, 2013 11:54 am

I want to warn builders of an issue I uncovered when I opened my boat this spring. Several of the lights did not work. It turns out that the female disconnect connectors I used had become loose or even come off. Either through vibration or thermal expansion/contraction, they lost their tension and no longer made a reliable connection.

I bought my marine connectors from since they had waterproof heatshrink built in and were a good price.
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The problem, on inspection, is that they are constructed with flat bends as in the left diagram while they should have radiused bends as on the right. There is not enough give and springy-ness in the connector to maintain contact over time.

I have now bought name-brand connectors and have to re-do all the disconnects. BTW, the other connectors were fine, since it is hard to mess up a hole. :lol:
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