should all boats be white?

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should all boats be white?

Post by sailors »

Hey - Thanks to all you dudes who respond. I'm learning a lot and working on my third boat.

question: I've read that epoxy-ply hulls are negatively effected by painting them dark colors. The sun is supposed to make them soft.

My sailing skiff has a nice green bottom and when it's flipped over in the summer the epoxy does get a little soft at the joints.

I'm working on an 18' dory and I want to paint the topsides green, red bottom paint w/white stripe and light grey interior.

What do you guys think on this dark paint issue.?????????????

"there are only two colors to paint a boat, white or black, and only a fool would use black." hereshoff

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Post by DavidMcA »

The guy who builtthis boat had this to say about using black epoxy for caulking....

The black seams are done with black epoxy - wouldn't use that again.
(The sun makes it soft - don't
think it's EVER going to harden.) We're going to re-do the seams this
winter using black Sico-flex; it's
supposedly much better!

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Dave Grason
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Post by Dave Grason »

Here's a link to a website that features a couple of guys that race an antique Gar Wood. This beautiful boat is finished in the WEST system epoxy method and is painted black. It's a great looking boat and there's been nothing said about the boat's dark color offering problems.

As a side note, this boat really ROCKS at over 70mph. Of course that 510ci RAT motor is not exactly what they ran back in the 20s & 30s. :twisted:
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Post by bronk »

OUr boat is dar, with Maroon / burgundy colored seats and natural mahogany color deck.
Itis really VERY HOT in the mid summer sun. Uncomfortably so, to the point wher it is very uncomfotable to dance across the deck (especially interesting while wet). We place towels on everything in mid-summer.

We also have a forest green cover, which caused blistering of the epoxy when the boat was left at a marine dealer for engine work.

The only high point of the dark colors (aside from style) is that we have no mildew in the summer. Late fall (sept - oct), the mold /mildew starts to cover the interior. I think this is due to the lower temperatures and wet environment.

If I were to do it again I would definitley do a lighter colr cover and seats.
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