planking using veneer

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planking using veneer

Postby skiffy » Tue Oct 03, 2006 6:58 pm

I found the thread on framing. Thanks. I posted this snippet on the powerboat forum. Anny advice?

on plywood...

Obviously one of the Mahagonies. 1088 for sure.

I was surprised to see forum blogs suggest theat Okoume isn't every thing it is cracked up to be. I guess it is a trade off in many respects on this one. I still consider this one of the top choices if not just because I can get it.

I understand that american or african would make fine choices. Philip. cedars should be the last choice.

Since I'd like to go natural finish I am strongly leaning to more of a cold molded layup using two layers of 2mm to 4mm thickness each. 1st 3mm in plywood sheets. 2nd 3mm in veneer strips. Sound reasonable?

What has been a problem is finding what Graham called constructional veneer. Is this kind of stuff genearlly available? Do I have to rip my own out of a sheet?

What would be the best thicknesses for each layer?

If I can't make this veneer approach work for me I'll do something like Doug did and cover up the edge screws with a cool paint job. I'm still going to PM him to see his boat this fall.


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