Building wood on the west coast ?

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Building wood on the west coast ?

Post by TUGMYWAY »

Will be looking of good wood supplyer . CA,AZ,UT. Don't mind driving to make a pickup.?
Also how do I get 1/8" thick Mahogany ? Or is this something I will need to resaw on my band saw? The Okoume plywood strips I will need for the Gentry can be ripped on the table saw,but the thin Mahogany is throwing me a curve. I'm not very good at resawing. :oops:

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Re: Building wood on the west coast ?

Post by Lowka53 »

:lol: the only wood supplier i found in Utah is mc beths in salt lake I priced wood from homestead in Ohio and found with buy quantity I could get it cheaper than locally in Utah.
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Re: Building wood on the west coast ?

Post by thudpucker »

Maybe you guys have some Local Saw mills, sometimes Band saw mills?

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Re: Building wood on the west coast ?

Post by shep »

I bought 6/4 stock (from McBeaths in the bay area) and then found a local lumber yard to re-saw into 3 pieces. I then put those thrum my planner down to appropriate thickness. I'm sure you can find a lumber yard in AZ that can do that for you. They make quick work of it and usually did it while I waited. Goodluck!

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