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bead board

Post by vintage »

Hi everyone. I'm considering using exterior ply beadboard as a decking for the flying saucer and then fill the beads. Does anyone like or oppose this idea?

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Re: bead board

Post by aherrett »

i used 2 pieces of ply, and then routed my own 'plank gaps'. front and rear deck. then filled the gaps with some white filler, and fibrglas resin over the top. I set the router at about 3mm, and this has lasted 2 season, with a lot of deck abuse, and still looks ok. no probs with it coming out or anything. see some pics of the build, you will see the deck before and after the routing and after filled. I would think bead board would work just as good. regards, anthony ... &nggpage=2

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Re: bead board

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The bead board I have used around the house does not have a crisp edge on the beads. Also, the bead is at the same height as the plywood so it may not fill. However, the board you found may be different.
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