PVC lumber

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PVC lumber

Post by markr »

Has anybody used solid PVC lumber from home centers in a boat?
I'm thinking of using it for the spray skirts on La Chatte, the 16' catamaran I'm building.
I don't know how it compares with starboard, but it is a bit cheaper.
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Re: PVC lumbar

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I've used it on skegs and sprayrails. The only negative I've found is it may stain in murky water.

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Re: PVC lumber

Post by galamb »

I never would have considered it on a boat.

I did use it to trim out all my house windows six years back.

It cut and machined really well - can use a variety of saws (table, band, skill) and even used the router on it with good results.

It has survived 6 seasonal cycles up here in Eastern Canada (been in the high 90's for most of this month and minus 20 in the winter is not uncommon at least in the heart of winter).

Has held up really well with no signs of needing replacement anytime soon.

Thanks - when my spray rails and rub rails are ready to be replaced I'll probably give this a try.

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