Using Ash Wood

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Using Ash Wood

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I am a new member and life long boat lover. I'm starting to gather parts and pieces to build the Key Largo. A couple weeks ago I had an Ash tree cut down in my yard. I was already planning on getting the tree boarded and kiln dried...would Ash be a good choice for the frame work on this boat? The boat will be encapsulated in epoxy so as long as it's dry going in rot should not be an issue.

Any comments or concerns would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Using Ash Wood

Post by Katie »

I think you may heard of Hacker Craft. For ten year period they built boats with ash frames. Now a days most are making tons of money putting new bottoms and frames in some of those boats. The ash didn't last at all. Hence it means that ash does not have good resistance. It's better to go with go with mahog or doug fir.
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Re: Using Ash Wood

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I used a bit of ash in my build, as well as white oak.
I like the ash.
as long as it is encapsulated, and treated properly, I could easily prefer it over white oak.
Oak is over rated, everything about it takes extra time; then it warps, splits or checks !!! :roll:

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Re: Using Ash Wood

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Any wood cut down during summer is wrong for boatbuilding.

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